Climate Change


Climate Policy

The interdependency of factors like economic growth, energy security and climate change related risk poses a serious challenge to sustainable development objective. To design and implement policies with a holistic approach to address these challenges is a key to success and reduce adverse impact on a particular segment. We at PARS have dedicated resources comprising of analyst and advisors to help our clients by formulating policies and strategies for low carbon development, natural resource management and rural development.

Carbon Project Services

We have a team with rich experience in identification and development of GHG mitigation projects across the sectors under compliance and voluntary markets (CDM/VCS/GS/PoA). Our team has successfully developed/registered more than 100 projects under CDM/VCS. Individually, several of our staff have been active in validation/verification of GHG emission reduction projects since evolution of the carbon market, and many have been well-known faces in the carbon markets. At every stage we act in an open, transparent and effective way so you can be sure you are getting the best service in timely manner.

Our services includes:

  • We assist in conducting feasibility of any concept/projects under existing market mechanism (CDM/VCS/GS)
  • Prepare the Project Design Document (PDD/PD) and assist in Validation and registration
  • Development of new or revision of existing CDM, VCS and GS baseline and monitoring methodologies
  • Assist in Monitoring and verification of greenhouse gas reductions
  • Manage the sale of the resulting CERs/VCUs from the projects for the entire crediting period of the projects, through our network of carbon buyers, to obtain the best market prices and robust contracts.
  • Our expertise are in: Geothermal, Solar, Wind, Hydro, Biomass based heat/power generation, Cogeneration, Sugar, Distillery, Pulp and Paper, Iron & Steel, Waste heat recovery, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, House hold/Industrial Bio-digesters, Dairy, Cement, Afforestation/Reforestation


Deforestation, forest degradation and other changes in forest contribute to about 17% of total GHG emissions. The nations around the world are either implemented or in process to implement policies to promote and enhance the forest cover. As the forests are also major source for livelihood of communities living in nearby regions, is the key factor impeding the implementation of policies to increase the forests cover.

Reducing Emissions from Forest Degradation, and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks (REDD+) provides an opportunity for adapting resilience-oriented ecosystem management, and to ensure biodiversity conservation and flow of ecosystem services for sustainable development.

PARS’s services in the forestry sector incorporate the development and implementation of strategies and projects for forest conservation, sustainable forest management, afforestation and reforestation. These efforts result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity protection and improved living conditions of impoverished strata of the rural population.

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